Tuesday, April 7, 2009

8 Ways my husband is like Edward Cullen

I confess to being the newest thirty something statistic to the Twilight phenomenon. I picked up Twilight in February after a girlfriend encouraged me to read it despite my doubts. Within the week i'd purchased the remaining three books and plowed through them all. I'm not going to wax poetic about their literary style. They are brain candy. . .
However it seems like fans are in swoons over the character of Edward Cullen. That gentlemanly vampire/stalker we can't get enough of. . .
When I was reading Twilight, I couldn't help but think of . . . . My husband..
That's right. He doesn't drink blood but there are several similarities.
1. He is very pale and can't go out in the sunlight. . .
2. When we started dating, he was certain I couldn't cross a parking lot without killing myself and would protectively hold my hand, or pull me away from oncoming traffic.
3. Despite all my ordinariness, he still seems to think there is something extraordinary about me. . .
4. He has a delightful "Knight in Shining Armor" complex, (well at least he did LOL)
5. While he may not have rescued me from attackers, he has taken care of many opponents in my lifetime, especially when I was particularly "fragile" (such as in the hospital)
6. While he may not have ever really thought about having children of his own (although, unlike Edward he knew it was possible) , he is a wonderful father (and his children do take after him a great deal)
7. While he did not break into my room to watch me sleep, he did work nights and he would stay with me as I went to sleep, then go to work. .
8. I want to be with him forever. . .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Step to the freaking right people!!!!

Ok I was reminded today of why I hate to go to Walmart. Other than Walmart singlehandedly destroying the retail industry . . . . . . . It's the people.
To put it in a nutshell, i'm just astonished and well, disappointed in humanity. If you don't know to move right. . . your parents haven't socialized you properly!
Seriously folks. Yes, I'm talking about people going the WRONG WAY!
The lighting, the close aisles, the towering rows of cheap goods, the seething humanity. All of it combines to make Walmart one of the most dreaded places to visit. When I go, I want to quickly grab that toothbrush, allergy medicine and whatever other items I had to go there for and get OUT. But in every single flipping aisle, there is somebody standing in my way. Young. Old. Alone, in groups of 20 (who needs to shop with EVERY SINGLE FAMILY MEMBER?). They're parking their carts, going the wrong way and basically taking up the entire freaking aisle. .
This is why society is going down the tubes. It isn't because we've lost the war on drugs. It isn't due to single moms or casual sex. It's because nobody cares to follow the basic rules which are the grease in the cogs of society.
By the time I left I wanted to grab the intercom from the lady at the register and announce . . "Shoppers. When you are moving down an aisle, please keep to the right. When you are stopping to browse, please stay NEXT to your cart, on the same side of the aisle, in order to allow people to pass you. And please, leave your friends and family, anybody who isn't actually going to pay and who can't fit IN the cart at home. . You don't really need seven people clogging the aisle to pick out deodorant. You really do not. . "